Mason Bresett Senior Intern at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine Clinic, Integrated Body Psychotherapy (Student), Vancouver, BC 

mason bresett

I attended Irene and Elia's 2017 Up and Down workshop in Vancouver. My intention was to increase my body-mind awareness to access healing, regeneration and to increase flexibility (in a non-traditional definition of this word).

I felt held and supported throughout the weekend by Irene, Elia and all of the other participants. Irene's depth and wisdom guided me into my own flow of curiosity, grace and awareness. Elia's creative and intuitive presence allowed me to stop judging my authentic movement and embrace my innate intelligence and express it via movement.

Below is a journal entry of mine after the first day of the workshop:

"I feel open, ease and lightness, I have more space and capacity within my body and mind, I feel okay with the okay & okay with the not okay."

I was able to integrate the teachings from the weekend into a daily movement ritual that I still perform almost every day. The workshop acted as the rain drop that has rippled me into an ever expanding world of embodiment, which I had no visceral or experiential understanding of before the Up and Down workshop.

mason bresett
edward dangerfield

Edward Dangerfield Orbit Healing, Nervous System Specialist. Whistler, BC 

edward dangerfield

What is described as "A movement workshop for Function, Flow and Freedom" turned out to be a much more expansive experience than I could have imagined.

The setting of UBC has a geographical tone to it that created a state of relaxation within my body as I was arriving. Being close to the ocean, surrounded by trees, and yet with a subtle tone of academia reflected the experience that would unfold in the next two days. A balance between experiencing through feeling and thinking. The setting of the Old Barn was ideal. A great central location, ample affordable parking, lots of space to move around in, washrooms, seating areas and a great coffee shop. The room itself was bright, filled with natural light, clean and simple.

Irene and Elia are both experienced facilitators and hold space with powerful presence and ease. They rapidly created a sense of singularity among the group through movements and orientation. The space was safe, curious and exploratory. This combination of location, container and facilitators created a powerful opportunity.

I am a very active male, practicing yoga, Tai Chi and I am bodily aware. My own experience was that of exploring the movements within my own body. Finding the subtleties and nuances. Moving into more places of holding and tension that could be gently felt, and in doing so, relaxed. The combination of guided movement and free movement allowed me to explore my body in new ways. In doing so I was able to move into physically stored unprocessed emotions and create a greater sense of freedom within my physical form.

The exploration of boundaries allowed me to explore where I ended and where the earth began. I also could explore my relationship with other humans through movement, and a deeper sense of connectedness emerged as the weekend continued. I experienced a greater felt sense of Universal life force running through. I also became more aware of my physical body, and how this life force could support me.

After the event it took me several days to fully integrate the experience. I felt quite tired, and this was an indication that I had moved and shifted a lot. Subsequently I have a greater amount of freedom of movement and awareness. I feel more grounded and at the same time flexible. I came away with a great set of tools to continue this practice and expansion. I practice the techniques daily.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. All ages and outlooks can experience a greater sense of self and other through this beautiful process. The value and quality were excellent.

My biggest take away:

"How we move is how we think, and the mind is in the brain and the body!"

Denise Warner Business Owner and Inner Game Coach Shingle Springs, California

Denise Warner

I wanted to share with you my experience of your Up and Down workshop with Elia. It was truly revolutionary!

As a person who has moved a lot in my work and in athletic pursuits throughout my life, I was blown away by the impact these two days had on the way I feel in my body.

My business is growing so I sit a lot more than I used to and it was making me sore and I could feel a new tightness in my hips that was often hurting. Learning how to bring more awareness to my movement has really helped with that soreness. Also, I am seeing applications for what I learned everywhere! I shared some of the principles with my spin class buddies and it has helped all of us feel stronger in class!

I was shocked at how I was not only able to get such benefit for myself but that I understood the material well enough to share with others too. Amazing. Everyone with a body needs to spend this time with you and Elia! It has made a huge difference for me. Thank you so much.

Denise Warner

Zoey Holistic Wellness Mentor, Teacher + Coach Deep Cove, British Columbia 



I really had no idea what to expect when arriving at Up & Down. All I knew was that I deeply trusted Irene and Elia's work and I had a profound curiosity and calling to attend their offering.

As a Holistic Wellness Activist I attend immersions in search for a deeper connection to my body, spirit and life, so that I can continue to be awake to my capacity and authenticity while living and breathing what I share. My continuous exploration of wellness modalities over the last 16+ years has been a gradual movement from superficial and linear layers of understanding my physical, mental and spiritual well-being to a far more significant and integrative experience. I say this only because this workshop provided the most holistic, integrative opportunity I have yet to immerse in. I can't wait for the next one!

There's so many specifics I could say about my experience, and yet it seems my words fall short of truly describing what it was like. In short, my body has never felt so free and my heart has never felt so interconnected - two things I cherish greatly. The balance between Irene and Elia's shared wisdom, guidance and invitation for self-exploration was so masterful. It completely fulfilled my desire to learn sustainable ways to re-connect to the deeper layers of my authentic capacity while increasing my whole-self wellness.

Beyond my pursuit for immersions as a wellness activist I vulnerably arrived at the workshop with exhaustion, grief, overwhelm, PTSD, and a general feeling of disconnect from Self. I share this because in no time I felt safe, supported, and comfortable to share in and explore my dis-ease. I was continuously reminded of what it means to surrender and coexist as a physical being, so there was a deep letting-go and acceptance that took place personally for me over those days. So much of the stubborn tension in my body literally melted away and my joints felt like well-oiled machines that had a range of motion far beyond what I had been working towards in my yoga practice for years. Other profound nuggets are that I re-established my relationship to gravity by accepting it's presence and learning how to work with it instead of fighting against it. My relationship to the immediate and extended environment suddenly became a tool for grounding and being more embodied, rather than the stressful place my body started perceiving it as since my traumas.

Tying it all together, my unique exploration of the mind-body connection has been so liberated since. I was gifted the ability to sense the origin of so much of my discomfort, while on so many levels, learning how to find resolve in the simple movement practices, guiding principles and joyous free-flowing explorations that Up & Down covered.

Like I said, I can't wait to continue this journey in the next one.

Thank you so much Irene and Elia. Your dynamic is such a gift.

Barb Crombie Vancouver, British Columbia


Truly was a life changing experience!  


Jessica Kamell Embodied Flow Yoga Facilitator Whistler & Bali

This weekend immersion was so potent. I had no idea the playground that was available within the space between Up and Down. I found the richness to be in the simplicity. It made the ordinary, extraordinary.

I rise, stand, sit and lie down continuously in my day to day, however, by slowing down and consciously participating in transitions with awareness, I discovered a greater sense of easeful strength and supported fluidity. The course was a unique collection of explorations that pulsated with playful learning and meditative reflection. I felt clearly guided to use my body in new patterns and was left with enough space to marinade in my own experience and discoveries.

I was new to the practice of feldenkris, and really resonated with the principles. They made total sense in my body and saw so many ways that I could apply them in a variety of forms and activities. As someone who facilitates yoga classes, it has given me new awareness and tools to instruct mindful transitions between asanas.

Elia and Irene were such an amazing team, and ooze with their passions for movement and making a difference in the world. Each brought their unique perspective, expertise and flavour to each movement which added depth and dimension to the teachings.

Ingrid Goodall Victoria, British Columbia

March 2017 I gifted myself Irene and Elia's workshop, a gift of time, space and guidance to play, explore and discover movements, connections and understandings my body-mind was unaware of, or had forgotten. At the end of the workshop I was surprised and delighted to acknowledge that the event had met all the points listed on the website description plus my own hopeful expectations!  

Meghan Aris Victoria, British Columbia

I have participated in the Up & Down live workshops twice. Each time I was in very different places both physically and emotionally.

The first time I was thawing from an emotional blockage. Upon arrival Irene and Elia greeted everyone with warmth and smiles and snacks! The process to unfold was very gradual, beginning with time to familiarize with the room and an exercise to help notice how our bodies felt in the space. The timing of everything was perfect. We learned layers of movements and neuropatterning concepts that became fluid and integrated over our time together. After the second day though I became incredibly nauseous. But Irene had already mentioned that sometimes shifts happen in unfamiliar ways. The third day I was still queasy but then something happened. There wasn't an exact moment but through the gentle movements and awareness it let go. I let go. By the end of the day I was beaming. I hadn't felt that good… ever? My cup was full and I was hooked on exploring the plasticity of the mind. I proceeded to join Irene's 12-week course.

The second time participating I came in on a different level. My rheumatoid arthritis had gone into a giant flare and though I had started to unravel stored emotion and was feeling more emotionally connected my body still had other ideas. I was worried about weight bearing on my hands and getting up and down from the floor and being on my feet a lot (problems I'd never had to consider before). But the movements are so personal that I could still fully express myself even in my less mobile state. I found myself enjoying being quieter in the group and not "trying" so hard. I found the support of others in the room to bolster me and inspire me to be authentic when sharing with the group. I even cried in front of the whole group- something I've never done in my life. And though I was embarrassed at the time, later I was proud of my new vulnerability. There is a strength that comes from working with the softness of our hearts and mine was no different.

The workshops have been a beautiful condensed leaping point to embrace a new way of being in the world. They have left me forever changed and with brilliant nuggets of skills to move forward. I'm deeply grateful to Irene and Elia for sharing their knowledge so freely and emphatically.

Libby Chambers Kluttz Charlotte, North Carolina

Going into my workshop experience with Irene and Elia I was curious but also oddly nervous. However I shouldn't have been instantly these two amazing teachers put me at ease, gave me full permission to tap into my creativity and reminded me that beginner's mind is always the best place to do that.  

What a beautiful combination of structured movement and free playful movement it was a perfect balance. All of the instructions were clear and simple even, in my opinion, if you have never done any kind of movement before. After my time with them the learning kept coming. I was so present in my own body that my awareness kept building and expanding. I had zero pain in my body. I felt no tension ramping up any longer. Best of all I learned a practice so elegantly simple I still do it everyday. Thank you Irene and Elia I will attend again until then I'll keep getting down and getting up.

Mark Read-Smith Asheville, North Carolina

Elia and Irene made my experience very enjoyable. They are both personable, kind, easy to be around, and have a gift for teaching movement in an easily understandable way.

Coming from different movement disciplines actually worked in their favor and it was amazing to see how seamlessly their teachings blended. I have a love for movement in my life and my love was nourished in their class. We were able to get to a lot and experience a lot in a short amount of time. I look forward to taking another intensive with them again in the future. I think about them and the things I learned in the workshop every single time I move towards the floor and get up again.




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