For Class:
A water bottle.
Pen and paper/notebook/journal.

Because we’ll be doing a blend of movement (low and medium intensity), subtle and quiet self-awareness floor work and good ‘ol Q&A, we recommend dressing in layers for our time in class. Comfortable clothing that you can move in that isn’t too baggy and isn’t too tight.
(In our opinion, good old cotton is the best fabric for this work. Tight stretchy yoga gear limits your pelvic movement, ironically).

Please ensure you have enough space and a soft surface to move around comfortably. We recommend yoga mats or the equivalent to support your body on the ground and enough space near your computer for you to be in a stretched out starfish lying position.

Note: You have the option of sharing your video during the live call, and while this is not a requirement, if you are comfortable having your video on, it does help us to see you while we are teaching, just as if in a regular in-person class.

Your enthusiasm and desire to learn, your laughter and love of movement.