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Co-taught by Elia Mrak and Irene Lyon, Up & Down combines Western and Eastern movement practices that will help you break free from familiar patterns of stress and tension through the art and science of movement.

Our work goes right to the heart (and guts) of human healing. Join us!

Your Up & Down teachers Elia Mrak & Irene Lyon.

The movement and learning principles of Up & Down








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Join in via Zoom

Zoom is a fabulous video conferencing software that allows us to record video and audio while having a group of people online at the same time. Once you register you’ll receive an email confirmation with the link that will get you in to the class.


#1 What kind of fitness level will I need to have?2020-11-15T01:40:48+00:00

This class will be highly movement-based.

We won’t be doing gymnastics and judo rolls, and you certainly do not need to be an athlete or a dancer, but we do ask that you have the capacity to get down onto the floor without needing any aid from a wall, or a chair, or cane. You can be shaky and off balance, that’s NOT a problem, we’ll work on that! But we want to ensure you have enough functional and aerobic capacity to get onto the floor solo, and return back to standing solo.

We also ask that you have the capacity to lie down on your back with legs long and be able to be in a side-lying position for a length of time.

#2 What kind of stuff will I need?2020-08-17T03:45:04+00:00

For Class:
A water bottle.
Pen and paper/notebook/journal.

Because we’ll be doing a blend of movement (low and medium intensity), subtle and quiet self-awareness floor work and good ‘ol Q&A, we recommend dressing in layers for our time in class. Comfortable clothing that you can move in that isn’t too baggy and isn’t too tight.
(In our opinion, good old cotton is the best fabric for this work. Tight stretchy yoga gear limits your pelvic movement, ironically).

Please ensure you have enough space and a soft surface to move around comfortably. We recommend yoga mats or the equivalent to support your body on the ground and enough space near your computer for you to be in a stretched out starfish lying position.

Note: You have the option of sharing your video during the live call, and while this is not a requirement, if you are comfortable having your video on, it does help us to see you while we are teaching, just as if in a regular in-person class.

Your enthusiasm and desire to learn, your laughter and love of movement.

#3 What to expect2020-08-19T03:26:54+00:00

Our virtual class time will begin with a playful movement warm-up that brings us into an open state to learn. From here we’ll explore, experiment, and engage with movement practices that blend awareness and curiosity so that you’ll encounter an online learning experience like no other. We will set aside time for sharing via the Zoom chat features and we will answer questions related to our class time together.

The class will go something like

  • Plan to arrive for 9:15am (settle and connect)
  • Class in session from 9:30am – 10:45am
  • Break: 10:45am – 11am
  • Class in session from 11am – 12pm
#4 What if I can’t make that day & time?2020-08-17T03:41:29+00:00

No problem! This class will be recorded and the video and audio recording will be sent to everyone who registered. This means you can participate and gain the benefits of this guided class no matter where you are in the world and you have the recording to practice to your heart’s (and nervous system’s) content!!

#5 What is the refund policy?2020-08-17T03:41:52+00:00

No refunds are offered due to the digital nature of the course.

Participant Stories

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Get drunk in your movement. The words spoken to us at the Up & Down Workshop this year. Clearly, I enjoyed this exercise.

I just have to say this workshop was so incredibly transformative! I learned many subtle and powerful ways to shift the way I move not only in exercise but in every day life.

I felt like I left with an entirely new relationship to my body and how it moves with the world around me. So If you want to learn how to save yourself from some unnecessary body pain for a life of body wealth and longevity, and go deep into the connection of your body/mind while expanding your movement practice, I highly recommend checking out Up & Down Workshop taught by Irene and Elia. I am so grateful that I was able to attend, and I feel inspired to share this magic with all of you!


Creator - Writer - Performer
Los Angeles, California

I have to say that I have tried meditation a few times and never really had a whole lot of success quieting the mind, but THIS sort of movement and flow I’ve discovered at the workshop, seems WAY more meditative to me. I am not focusing on anything but just being with myself.

I just wanted to really express my gratitude for the Up & Down Workshop – for being there, for experiencing it firsthand, but more importantly for challenging my body, opening my mind and body to new possibilities, and really gaining trust in the strength within that body & mind.

The day after traveling home from the workshop, I could still feeling the stretch in my upper back and glutes from our practices, and wanted more of that. So I downloaded some inspiring music and did my own practice based on some of my faves from the workshop and just flowed with the music naturally. It woke me up and grounded me to start the day.

I have to say that I have tried meditation a few times and never really had a whole lot of success quieting the mind, but THIS sort of movement and flow I’ve discovered at the workshop, seems WAY more meditative to me. I am not focusing on anything but just being with myself.

So thank you Irene and Elia! Thank you for the weekend. Thank you for the fun, the learning, the curiosity…THANK YOU. The world needs more of you both.


Online Business Support Manager
Ontario, Canada

I attended Irene and Elia’s 2017 Up and Down workshop in Vancouver. My intention was to increase my body-mind awareness to access healing, regeneration and to increase flexibility (in a non-traditional definition of this word).

I felt held and supported throughout the weekend by Irene, Elia and all of the other participants. Irene’s depth and wisdom guided me into my own flow of curiosity, grace and awareness. Elia’s creative and intuitive presence allowed me to stop judging my authentic movement and embrace my innate intelligence and express it via movement.

Below is a journal entry of mine after the first day of the workshop:

“I feel open, ease and lightness, I have more space and capacity within my body and mind, I feel okay with the okay & okay with the not okay.”

I was able to integrate the teachings from the weekend into a daily movement ritual that I still perform almost every day. The workshop acted as the rain drop that has rippled me into an ever expanding world of embodiment, which I had no visceral or experiential understanding of before the Up and Down workshop.


Senior Intern at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine Clinic
Vancouver, BC
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